Deposit Written Note + Recording of Poem $87.50 CAD Business Communications Material $120.00 CAD

Hi, my name is Tyler
The creator of Eloquent Notes
We capture the essence of all your occasions
In a series of lyrical quotes
For a wedding, a commercial,
Or simply a note to say that you care
We can take an idea and create a thoughtful memento
A work of art you’ll be proud to share
We’re musicians with words as our instrument
And we play them to create beautiful music
We’ve been writing for years to hone this craft
It’s our gift, and we like when we use it
So if you like the way that we string words together
To get started, all we need you to do 
Is simply tell us your story, give us a little time
And let’s see what we write for you

We are an innovative copywriting company for personal occasions and business communications. From weddings to birthdays and commercials to website copy, a product from Eloquent Notes is always in need! 


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